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by Hannu
Today 7:52
Forum: VS1010 Forum
Topic: VS1010 Developer Board Grounding Question
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Re: VS1010 Developer Board Grounding Question

To confirm, I'd like to say that the AGND and GND are connected in VS1010 GNDPAD and in ground layer just right under the VS1010.
by Hannu
Thu 2018-09-13 14:28
Forum: VS1010 Forum
Topic: GPIO0_0 (PWM)
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Re: GPIO0_0 (PWM)


If you want to work with registers:

Code: Select all

PERIP(GPIO0_MODE) &= ~(1 <<0);
might be the solution
Or you could include vo_gpio.h and call

Code: Select all

GpioSetPin(0x00, 1); //Pin, state
GpioSetPin(0x00, 0);
GPIO0 pin 0: 0x00
GPIO0 pin 15: 0x0f
GPIO1 pin 3: 0x13

and so on...
by Hannu
Wed 2018-09-12 15:04
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: VS1005 HiRes Recorder
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Re: VS1005 HiRes Recorder

The VS1005 break out board Mk2 is available in our web-shop: Working with the break out board only with jumper wires to set up the boot mode and resetting can be quite time consuming. To get over that slow process, make a small programming board. VHI...
by Hannu
Tue 2018-09-11 7:55
Forum: VS1010 Forum
Topic: Boot mode Runlevels question
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Re: Boot mode Runlevels question

Hello! A quickie morning coffee program. This is just a demo. You could write real player application and most of the stuff is on the rom. And executing your own programs is possible and so on... Here's the output of my program. I ran it while keeping the button pressed. VS1010>btnplay VS1010>btnpla...
by Hannu
Tue 2018-08-14 8:07
Forum: VS1010 Forum
Topic: Sinus generator
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Re: Sinus generator


I have this "cdac" test program. It is ported from VS1005 Sine program and tweaked. It can be stopped for example by pressing enter. 1k table sine can be used with -s parameter, otherwise floating point sine is generated.

Feel free to modify it and use needed parts.
by Hannu
Wed 2018-08-08 8:57
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: I2S Hardware pull up
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Re: I2S Hardware pull up

I2S doesn't need pull-ups unlike I2C. Does your design require the 12M clock? You can turn it off it isn't needed by flipping one bit with preg in I2S_CF register. In my limited EMC experience, the I2S and 12M clock should behave nicely. Last time I looked with scope the 12M clock line, it was more ...
by Hannu
Thu 2018-07-26 7:04
Forum: VS1010 Forum
Topic: SPI & SD works but no sound is to hear.
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Re: SPI & SD works but no sound is to hear.

I have some ideas.

Can you play the files with romplayer? Then hit enter and execute your own player. If it works, then it is setup of analog registers.
For working boards, poll that they actually decode the files. like cs.playTimeTotal.
by Hannu
Mon 2018-07-23 7:06
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: RDS Radio compile problem with asm files
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Re: RDS Radio compile problem with asm files

Hi! vs1005h.h header file is for the development version of vs1005. The chip version independent compilation didn't work in this project :( As a totally untested workaround you could could copy it to your project directory from VSIDE_INSTALLATION/libvs1005h_vsos3/vs1005h.h or change the #include lin...
by Hannu
Tue 2018-07-17 6:54
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: USB Flash Drive not showing on PC
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Re: USB Flash Drive not showing on PC

Hi! This won't work. If you have BOB and USB stick connected to same USB port on the computer, there will be two hosts. The mini USB and USB-A connector are in parallel. Have a look on schematics page 2: If you wa...
by Hannu
Fri 2018-07-13 8:38
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: Need I2C Driver
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Re: Need I2C Driver


The GPIO2 port has bit engine. You have to just change all registers to start with GPIO2_. The GPIO interface is identical in all ports.

Looks like the InitI2C and .h file defines need the changes, but I didn't test.