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by Felix
Fri 2018-12-28 0:22
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: Error when compiling Kernel
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Error when compiling Kernel

Dear Forum,

when I try to compile the latest Kernel, i get the following error:

ERROR: vslink: section TransientAddKernelSymbolsAsm not mapped to transient_i

Is there a simple solution to this? Thank you very much!

Kind regards
by Felix
Thu 2018-05-03 10:12
Forum: VS1005 and VSOS Software
Topic: ENCMP3 Driver not loading
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ENCMP3 Driver not loading


When I am trying to load the "ENCMP3" driver, I get the following error:

Driver: ENCMP3... E: Symbol _EncMAlignBiQ5N (CRC32 36ae7fc4) not found.
1 fatal errors. Stop.

I am running VSOS 3.55. I hope someone can help me please!

Kind regards