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by drmoth
Tue 2019-10-22 14:14
Forum: Microcontroller Software
Topic: Changing Banks on VS1053
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Changing Banks on VS1053

Hi, I'm successfully using my VS1053 in real-time midi mode, however I'm finding the Bank changing to be confusing. These are the defined banks: #define VS1053_BANK_DEFAULT 0x00 #define VS1053_BANK_DRUMS1 0x78 #define VS1053_BANK_DRUMS2 0x7F #define VS1053_BANK_MELODY 0x79 AFAIK there's only really ...
by drmoth
Fri 2019-04-12 9:10
Forum: Slave Decoder Applications
Topic: VS1053b - No luck with flac
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Re: VS1053b - No luck with flac

Hi, I'm in a similar position with the VS1053b and FLAC, I'm using the Adafruit Musicmaker board. Ogg and mp3 work fine, and I appear to be loading the flac plugin correctly but I'm getting no sound and the device appears to be freezing. I've using a particle Xenon to drive the audio, it has a 64Mhz...