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by ducls
Fri 2019-05-24 6:37
Forum: System Software
Topic: streaming to a pc
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Re: streaming to a pc

Hi pasi,
Could you please post your UART streaming example, I'm very interested because my project is the same and I got stuck with this :(
by ducls
Fri 2019-05-24 6:25
Forum: Stand-Alone Applications
Topic: Record ogg files continuously
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Re: Record ogg files continuously

Hi, my home project is the same your idea: I want to stream voices that encoded by VS1053 (OGG) to my PC over wifi. I prefer RTSP protocol because I can play this stream with VLC player. I use esp32 chip to collect data from VS1053 (over SPI) and then stream it to myPC over Wifi <<voices>> --> VS105...