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by jc000
Sun 2011-02-20 7:27
Forum: Slave Decoder Applications
Topic: Bug in SparkFun VS1053 Breakout Board
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Re: Bug in SparkFun VS1053 Breakout Board

Unfortunately, contacting Sparkfun didn't do much good. The guy in tech support couldn't do anything. Taking the product back was the best he could do. I tried asking him to do the repair described in this topic and send it back, but he wouldn't. So unfortunately, customer satisfaction doesn't seem ...
by jc000
Sun 2011-02-13 20:42
Forum: VSIDE
Topic: VS1053 / VSIDE / VSDSP Book
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Re: VS1053 / VSIDE / VSDSP Book

Are there any US distributors that have picked this book up? The 40 Euros shipping costs to US is brutal!
by jc000
Sun 2011-02-13 20:39
Forum: Microcontroller Software
Topic: Audible "Hello" example for VS1003B + Microcontroller
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Re: Audible "Hello" example for VS1003B + Microcontroller

Hi, there. I just brought up a Sparkfun VS1033D board (BOB-08792) last night on Arduino. Thanks to Panu and Rui for the hello world code, which provided an excellent reference when troubleshooting my own. One thing I would recommend for Rui is to clean up "SPIWait". In Panu's example, it waits for t...