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by gsmari
Tue 2017-11-14 20:09
Forum: DSP and Audio Software
Topic: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000
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Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Hello I can't get USE_QUEUE to work on the VS1000 module. Can someone send me a detailed info on how to make it work ? I am using RealTerm to talk to the module via USB/SERIAL cable and can play files and everything else seems to work. I uncommented USE_QUEUE in system.h also tried to uncomment / co...
by gsmari
Sat 2016-02-20 19:31
Forum: System Software
Topic: VS1000 Audio Module Step-by-Step
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Re: VS1000 Audio Module Step-by-Step

Hi, is it possible to have GIO pins for "volume-up" and "volume-down" when in GPIO mode ?