Hardware Compressor Chip

Designing hardware that uses VLSI Solution's devices as slave codecs such as an external MP3 decoder chip for a host microcontroller.
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Hardware Compressor Chip

Post by allen_cool » Wed 2014-03-12 14:41

My aim to capture live audio signal from mic,which should be connected to Audio compression chip, Which should convert to digital and compress it then give to microcontroller unit and again microcontroller will forward same to audio decompression chip, where the speaker is attached and that chip should again convert to analog signal with decompress and play via Speaker. Can any one suggest me which hardware chip will do job for.

Note:- I don't want chip, which will just Encode(data converter from analog to digital), i need chip which will do data converter+compression of digital data

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Re: Hardware Compressor Chip

Post by pasi » Mon 2015-06-29 11:55

vs1063a has the most options for encoding and decoding to work with a microcontroller.
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