Minimal MIDI decoder

Designing hardware that uses VLSI Solution's devices as slave codecs such as an external MP3 decoder chip for a host microcontroller.
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Re: Minimal MIDI decoder

Post by Davidelvig » Mon 2017-10-16 4:19

OK, more looking around.
I've found in related messages the page: ... tches.html
and the zip file under:
VS1053b Realtime MIDI Start code

Sounds like that plugin enables Real-Time MIDI when a chip does not have it active at start-up.
It would be best to be able to toggle RT MIDI on and off using SCI.
  • Is there a similar (or modified) plugin that turns Real-Time MIDI off?
My current board design is hardwired for RTMIDI at start-up (GPIO0 is tied low and GPIO1 is tied high).

I suppose that I have the option to:
- leave RT MIDI OFF at start-up
- turn RT MIDI on with the plugin when needed
- turn it off again with a hardware reset.

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Re: Minimal MIDI decoder

Post by pasi » Mon 2017-11-20 13:33

If the GPIO pins have pull-down/pull-up resistors, you could try to configure the pins as outputs and to your desired states through SCI_WRAMADDR/SCI_WRAM, and then give software reset. If they are hardwired to GND or IOVDD, this would not work.

0xc017 -> WRAMADDR, 3 -> WRAM, 0 -> WRAM, state -> WRAM.
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