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vs1003 max speed

Posted: Tue 2019-05-28 12:22
by chendong3160
I set vs1003 clock reg is 0xe000, the max write spi speed is 4.5*12.288/4=11m, but when mcu set spi 11m, vs1003 is not work. but 1063 is ok.
why? thanks!

Re: vs1003 max speed

Posted: Tue 2019-05-28 13:41
by Panu
Hmm, VS1003 datasheet says 4.0X is maximum... can you check if it works at 4X ? (Maybe it's the core that fails, not the SPI bus)

What is the maximum SPI speed that DOES work in your board with the VS1003 and your MCU?


Re: vs1003 max speed

Posted: Tue 2019-05-28 17:02
by chendong3160
vs1003 clock is correct. I read it after I set the clock register.the value is 0xe000. but vs1003 is not work. But this code is available on 1063.

Re: vs1003 max speed

Posted: Mon 2019-06-17 10:46
by pasi
vs1003b and vs1063a use a different manufacturing process, their specifications differ. Also the CLOCKF register settings differ slightly.

In vs1003b SCI_CLOCKF 0xe000 is 4.5x. 4.5x 12.288MHz = 55.3MHz is over the 52MHz maximum specification for vs1003b.
In vs1053a SCI_CLOCKF 0xe000 is 5.0x. 5.0x 12.288MHz = 61.44MHz is well within the 67.6MHz maximum specification for vs1063a.

With vs1003b and 12.288MHz crystal the highest value you can use is 0xc000 for SCI_CLOCKF.