Unable to play IMA ADPCM bytes

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Unable to play IMA ADPCM bytes

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I am trying to develop a hardware using AVR to play some IMA ADPCM encoded PCM audio. Source PCM audio is 8khz 16 bit. I have attached the audio file that I am trying to playback. The issue is, only a very small portion of the initial audio is played back and then it either gets stuck in some audio or complete silence. When it gets stuck (like an audio cd gets stuck and the audio at that moment keeps repeating), the device becomes unresponsive. I am using a board as attached.

I am not making any changes through SCI, and I suppose the device by default is ready to decode.
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Re: Unable to play IMA ADPCM bytes

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I don't have any issue playing the file with vs1053b.

Check that you're using DREQ correctly - and that DREQ is actually working.

What's the vs10xx chip you're using?
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