VS1063a audio input to I2S

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VS1063a audio input to I2S

Post by jmcexx » Mon 2020-09-28 23:21

Hi, my understanding is the I2S is an output from the VS1063a and is a copy of what is being sent to the DAC.

As part of a test mode, I would like to pass the raw data from the ADC to the I2S output. Is there a "bypass" type mode to pass the audio in to audio out? See attached path I'm asking about.
VS1063A_Audio_to_i2s.jpg (45.78 KiB) Viewed 122 times
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Re: VS1063a audio input to I2S

Post by Panu » Fri 2020-10-02 7:15

The I2S output is a copy of the DAC output, when enabled. So any recording mode which has monitor output to headphones can be output to the I2S out.

But please note that the VS1053/VS1063 I2S output is 16-bit (16 bits per sample, 32 bits per frame), and only very few I2S DACs that really are strictly I2S compliant can understand the 16-bit data.

Almost all I2S dacs expect 24 bits per sample, 64 bits per frame and they usually will not output any audio from a 16-bit source.

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