VS1053: How much RAM should MCU have?

Designing hardware that uses VLSI Solution's devices as slave codecs such as an external MP3 decoder chip for a host microcontroller.
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VS1053: How much RAM should MCU have?

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Hi All.

I am using vs1053 with recorder plugin to record audio and store it on SD card.
I am using 48kHz mono mode so the buffer size is 808 ms.
MCU is reading the vs1053 FIFO into it's internal RAM and then writes data on SD card.
SO the question is what amount of RAM should MCU have in order not to miss the samples.
It depends of the write delay of SD card.
I have tested that SD card can have about 450 ms delay in writing data.
So after this long write the MCU should be able to read 450 ms of samples into it's buffer.
Let's say 500 ms.
500 ms for 48kHZ mono is 47kBytes of RAM.

So for this case MCU should have at least 47 kBytes of buffer.

Am I correct?

What size of internal buffer in MCU do you use in your applications?
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