OGG Vorbis plugin question

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OGG Vorbis plugin question

Post by dmitrik » Sat 2011-03-26 12:09

Currently, I'm loading the plug-in from the MCU. To my understanding, this has to be done every time the board powers up. For now, I'm able to fit the "image" (plugin) to the flash of the MCU, however, eventually, I'd like to move it to an eeprom or similar storage. Before I do this, I naturally have a question. This chip will always have this "image" loaded to it. Since vs1053 already has enough ROM to hold the image, is there anyway to permanently write it and not worry about reloading it every time?

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Re: OGG Verbis plugin question

Post by Panu » Mon 2011-04-25 9:02


Sorry, the ROM cannot be rewritten. And furthermore, to remain compatible with user code, we cannot ever change the rom code of a given part number+end letter combination, sorry. I think you're stuck with having to move it to eeprom or similar eventually...

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