configuring VS1063 for mono output

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configuring VS1063 for mono output

Post by jimlake » Fri 2016-08-19 20:17

I am using a VS1063 for an audio project. The data is mono. What do you recommend as the best way to achieve a mono analog output: (1) select one stereo channel for the output and ignore the other, or (2) combine the R&L channels by simply connecting them together, or (3) something else? I have a pot for volume control on the output of the VS1063 between it and an on-pcb amplifier. However, I do not want to use a dual gang pot, so I need to use just one output.

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Re: configuring VS1063 for mono output

Post by pasi » Mon 2016-08-29 13:06

Either use one output and mono audio or the mono output mode (vs1063a patches package), or use the differential output mode (in the SCI_MODE register) and use the other channel as a reference to the amplifier (instead of using RCAP / GBUF as a reference).
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