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VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Tue 2019-08-06 11:45
by qpdkvn
I'm trying to record file with VS1003, but it gives me strange data.
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This is the data that VS1003 gave. But when I play this file into play mode, It plays strange sound.

These are the value that I write into the register.
VS1003_MODE = 0x5800 or 0x1800 (Both doesn't work)
VS1003_CLOCKF = 0xc430 (((12288000-8000000+2000)/4000) | 0xc000)
VS1003_AICTRL0 = 0x0018 (int)(4.0*12288000/256/8000+0.5)
VS1003_AICTRL1 = 0

And this is the code that puts a header into the file.

Code: Select all

void VS1003_WAV_AddHeader(SD_VS1003 *SD, const char *fileName)
	UINT temp;

	uint8_t ch = 1;
	uint8_t bps = 16;											//Bits Per Sample
	uint16_t sampleRate = 8000;

	f_open(&USERFile, fileName, FA_WRITE);

	f_puts("RIFF", &USERFile);										//Chunk ID
	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.ChunkSize = USERFile.fsize - 8;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.ChunkSize, 4, &temp);				//Chunk Size
	f_puts("WAVE", &USERFile);									//Format

	f_puts("fmt ", &USERFile);										//SubChunk1 ID
	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.SubChunk1Size = 0x00000014;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.SubChunk1Size, 4, &temp);			//SubChunk1 Size

	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.AudioFormat = 0x0011;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.AudioFormat, 2, &temp);			//Audio Format
	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.NumOfChannels = ch;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.NumOfChannels, 2, &temp);			//NumOfChannels

	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.SampleRate = sampleRate;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.SampleRate, 4, &temp);				//Samplerate

	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.ByteRate = (uint32_t)sampleRate * 256 / 505;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.ByteRate, 4, &temp);				//Byterate

	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.BlockAlign = 0x0100;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.BlockAlign, 2, &temp);				//Block Align
	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.BitsPerSample = 0x04;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.BitsPerSample, 2, &temp);			//BitsPerSample

	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.ByteExtraData = 0x0002;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.ByteExtraData, 2, &temp);			//ByteExtraData
	*(uint16_t*)WAV_HEADER.ExtraData = 0x01f9;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.ExtraData, 2, &temp);				//ExtraData

	f_puts("fact", &USERFile);										//SubChunk2 ID
	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.SubChunk2Size = 0x00000004;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.SubChunk2Size, 4, &temp);			//SubChunk2 Size
	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.NumOfSamples = (USERFile.fsize - 60) * 505 / 256;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.NumOfSamples, 4, &temp);			//NumOfSamples

	f_puts("data", &USERFile);										//SubChunk3 ID
	*(uint32_t*)WAV_HEADER.SubChunk3Size = USERFile.fsize - 60;
	f_write(&USERFile, WAV_HEADER.SubChunk3Size, 4, &temp);			//SubChunk3 Size

Capture.PNG (8.05 KiB) Viewed 732 times
And this is the result of this function.

What should I do to solve this problem?
And can I recode into another format? ex)mp3, PCM

Thank you

Re: VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Tue 2019-08-06 14:00
by pasi
The file appears to be a valid IMA ADPCM file with very quiet content. It should play without issues, I tested with vs1053b and vs1003b, with the C model of the player, and mplayer.

Your player routine has probably some transfer issues. Check the SPI mode, SPI speed, chip select handling (only change when idle), and that you react correctly to DREQ.

Re: VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Wed 2019-08-07 2:01
by qpdkvn
RecordTest.wav is a file that recorded my whistle. And I can play .mp3 file and .wav file on my chip well.

But when I play recorded IMA ADPCM file on my chip, It plays chopping sound. And that sound is not similar to my whistle.

I think it seems to be because of the file has 32-bit zero, and 32-bit data repeatedly like this.
Capture.png (23.25 KiB) Viewed 720 times
Can you hear the whistle sound? And am I missing something while playing music file?

Is it right the data repeat by 32-bit? And can I play this file on my desktop?

Thank you.

Re: VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Wed 2019-08-07 9:25
by pasi
What's the frequency of the whistle?

No, the file doesn't show much audio at all. IMA ADPCM frames start with a linear sample and a state, and in the file all of those seem to be zero.

The data is consistent with zero signal, but it could also be a co-incidence. Was this recorded with line input or microphone input active?

Could you try with a fixed gain, i.e. for example AICTRL1 = 16384? (1024 equals 1x gain)

Re: VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Thu 2019-08-08 11:00
by qpdkvn
Sorry that was my fault.
I read 32bits and wrote 64 bits.

I fixed my code and I can get this result.
Contains my Ahhh voice and whistling sound
(38 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
I can play this file in desktop and it sounds similar to my whistle.
But playtime is only half and the voice in the file is not mine. -①
I tried auto gain and 16384, 65535... etc but that attempts can't solve my problem.

And somtimes I get strange data like this. -②
Strange data
(147 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
Most of the data contain 0, and others contain 255.

I think it's almost done. Is it header problem? or reading routine?
Capture.PNG (6.57 KiB) Viewed 710 times
This is the header,
Capture.PNG (13.24 KiB) Viewed 710 times
And this is the routine. record buffer size is 512bytes.

Thank you.

Re: VS1003 IMA ADPCM Recording

Posted: Mon 2019-09-02 12:09
by pasi
RecordTest.wav does not seem fully valid file, so you are sometimes reading too much, too little, or have transfer errors. Check your SPI read speed.

Code: Select all

Opening 'RecordTest.wav'
got "fmt " left 20
rate 8000, bits 4, format 17 0x0011
WAVE_FORMAT_IMA_ADPCM, ch 1, align 256
got "fact" left 4
got "data" left 38852
bytesLeft 38852 w 0 ch 1 ima 1 imaBA 256 toRead 256
** SearchForImaHeader() skipped 48 bytes
pulseSpec.rate 8000
** SearchForImaHeader() skipped 38 bytes
** SearchForImaHeader() skipped 110 bytes
RecordFailure.wav content is probably related to the same root cause.

Could be (bytesWaiting >= VS1003_RECORDBUFFERSIZE), but should not cause any issues like it is now.