Gpio pin of VS1053

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Rafia Akhter
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Gpio pin of VS1053

Post by Rafia Akhter » Sat 2019-09-21 1:23

I am using pic24 microcontroller and there is a codec VS1053 . I am new user. I have generated a simple tone with two pitch. I need to use GPIO pin of codec as output. So that I can visualize the tone pulse in in openbci cyton board.
But I have no idea how to assogn or use gpio pin of VS1053. Please give me a clear guideline. If possible with some code examples. I am using MPLab IDE XC 16.


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Re: Gpio pin of VS1053

Post by Panu » Sat 2019-09-21 20:51


I'm a little bit unsure of what you are trying to do. Do you want to write a program for the VS1053 that analyzes the signal and makes a GPIO output that toggles based on the analysis of the signal? Or do you just need information on how to set GPIO pins high or low with SCI register writes, e.g. use your PIC micro to set pins high or low?

Can you draw an example picture of what you expect the output should look like when you use the cyton board?

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