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VS1053 OGG Encoder Upload Stalls

Posted: Sat 2019-12-28 6:06
by bertparx
I have the VS1053B on a HiLetgo VS1053 breakout board. I am able to write to and read from registers just fine using SPI. I get valid values back from registers I have written to but I am having an issue when trying to upload the encoding software. It uploads a few k and then hangs. I am checking the DREQ after every word is written up to the VS1053 and it goes low and then high fine and then goes low and never comes up again after a write to SCI_WRAM.

Any assistance would be great. Thanks in advance.

Re: VS1053 OGG Encoder Upload Stalls

Posted: Mon 2019-12-30 15:17
by pasi
Are you performing the couple of specific writes before the upload as specified by section 2.3.2? (0xc01a -> WRAMADDR and 0x0002 -> WRAM?)

What's the SPI speed you are using?
Do you have xDCS high when you write to SCI?