Codec G.711/722 on vs1063 tx/rx SPI

Writing software for systems that use VLSI Solution's devices as slave codecs to a host microcontroller.
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Codec G.711/722 on vs1063 tx/rx SPI

Post by mike84 » Fri 2021-01-29 13:37

good day
I want to make a codec based on vs1063 in full duplex mode in G.711/G.722 mode. That is, on one side of this device there will be a microphone and a speaker, and on the other side there will be bus SPI, through which data will go in full duplex mode.
Please tell me where should I start? What should you pay attention to first?
I searched the Internet for a long time, but I could not find a similar project ...

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Re: Codec G.711/722 on vs1063 tx/rx SPI

Post by pasi » Mon 2021-02-01 15:27

You need vs1063a and a microcontroller for each end and some way to transfer the data full-duplex between them.

Because the separate systems will not have exactly the same crystal frequency, you probably need some kind of samplerate adjustment.

Are you building both ends, or just one end of the system?
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