Can I use GBUF with this setup?

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Re: Can I use GBUF with this setup?

Post by Panu » Wed 2018-09-19 15:30

Is there any practical difference between connecting the analog outputs as suggested in this thread (LEFT -> INL+, RIGHT -> INR+, GBUF -> INL-, GBUF -> INR-) and inverting the signal as the USB Recorder schematic shows?
No difference; the analog signal is inverted, that's all. There's no audible difference.
And for the low pass filter, any benefit to the 1K/4n7 in the schematic versus 100/47n as suggested in TI's datasheet?
The most important thing is that the RC filter is there. 1K/4n7 and 100/47n give the same RC value, so as per the cutoff frequency, that would be the same. Our chips can drive the 100 ohm load, so that's not a problem. So yes, I think both can be used. There may be some differences, but without doing any measurements, I cannot be sure.
Appreciate all the great info you've provided in these forums. Thanks!
Thanks a lot! :D

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