SD Ident / Card stuck. Chip gets hot as hell.

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SD Ident / Card stuck. Chip gets hot as hell.

Post by FelixKunzJr »

I've managed to get my first board running (VS1005GF). Now i wanted to make a second one (same design, same everything) and soldered it together. After a few attempts i got the software up and running. But somehow when i load the SD driver i get following message: "E'SD Ident / Card stuck".
I've read about it and saw that many suggest to implement the AMPBCONF and connect the SD LDO-Regulator to GPIO0_7. Even tough my other board didn't need this driver i've implemented it in this second board. When i reboot, i can see the LDO is getting turned off for a brief moment and then is turned on again.

But still the same error.

Here a log of the Console:

VSOS 3.50 build Jul 02 2020 09:12:30
VLSI Solution Oy 2012-2017 -

Starting the kernel..
Starting Devices...
Internal Flash

Installed system devices:
S: SPI Flash c213, handled by FAT.
Load drivers, config 0...
Driver: AMPBCONF...
Driver: SDSDMONO... E'SD Ident / Card stuck'
D: SD card in SD mode

Driver: AUODAC...
Driver: AUIADC... Input 0x0440 Rate 48000
Driver: UARTIN...
Driver: S:SHELL.AP3...
I also saw that my VS1005 is getting very hot. I've measured up to 75°C. The power-consumption (w/o SD card and everything) is about 250mA. Quite high in my opinion. You think the Chip is damaged?
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Re: SD Ident / Card stuck. Chip gets hot as hell.

Post by Hannu »

Does GPIO0.7 have pull-up?

GPIO0.7 determines boot voltage for IOVDD and if it is pulled to IOVDD -> IOVDD is set to 3.3 V and if it is low IOVDD stays in 1.8 V.

Best fix is to have the pull-up and alternative software fix is to use setclock program to set the voltage to 3.3 V. With setclock it is possible to see what voltage the chip is trying to use as IOVDD. Using setclock fix may cause problems if your flash isn't supporting lower voltages.
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Re: SD Ident / Card stuck. Chip gets hot as hell.

Post by pasi »

Getting hot is not a good sign. You could have a short-circuit somewhere, which could cause for example two output pins driving against each other.

If you have a separate 3.3V regulator for the SD card, then running VS1005 with 1.8V IO voltage would also cause current to be sinked through the protection diodes of the VS1005 IO pins. This could also explain what you're seeing.
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