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VSOS/VS1005 Educational Videos - Download here!

Posted: Wed 2014-05-14 17:24
by Panu
Hi, all!

I've started to make some videos about how to use VSOS and the VS1005. I'll make them available for downloading here later, but now they can be viewed in Youtube at: ... ity_view=3

Please reply if you have problems in viewing the videos or you would like to have them available offline. If you can make them available at some other site for countries where Youtube is not available, you can do it. If you like, please post the link to the videos at other sites here.


Re: VSOS/VS1005 Educational Videos

Posted: Tue 2014-06-03 8:48
by uakmese
Dear Panu,

Sorry Youtube is not available in Turkey.Please send me another link or video file for learning VS1005


VLSI #001 Installing VSOS 3.07 to a VS1005 Developer Board

Posted: Tue 2014-06-10 18:43
by Panu
Dear Forum Members,

Since we have many customers in countries that don't have access to YouTube, we have set up a distribution server of our own so that you can download the videos for viewing them offline with your computer. You can also save the videos and make them available at a video site in your own country. If you do that, please share the links here at the forum so all can benefit from your work!

Here is the first video, where I install VSOS 3.07 to a VS1005G Developer Board with VSIDE.
vlsi001_thumb.1.jpg (69.4 KiB) Viewed 11633 times
This tutorial demonstrates downloading and installing VSIDE development tools, building a VSOS 3.07 kernel and installing it to a VS1005G developer board. SPI flash on the developer board is formatted to FAT and basic device drivers and main menu are copied onto the flash to get basic operation.

Download Video: VLSI #001 Installing VSOS 3.07 to a VS1005 Developer Board
or Watch in YouTube

PS. We're new at this - please give us feedback about any problems with the video format or if you have any other problems to view the videos!

And finally: Thank You for taking the time to view the videos and learning how to use our ICs! We try to do our best to help you with your products and projects!


VLSI #002 Compiling VSOS display drivers for the VS1005 Dev.

Posted: Fri 2014-06-13 6:08
by Panu
In this video I take an unprogrammed VS1005G developer board and install VSOS 3.07 operating system to the flash. Using USB, the flash is formatted to FAT so that VSOS can use it as the system disk S:. I explain that VSOS loads device drivers from the subdirectory SYS and that CONFIG.TXT file controls which drivers are loaded.

Then I use VSIDE to build the device drivers to use the LCD display. First the ILI9341 LCD driver is compiled. I explain briefly how the driver installs a handler for LcdFilledRectangle, which allows VSOS to use the display. I also take the time to briefly introduce the three entry points of a VSOS library: init(), main() and fini().

Next, the LCD Console driver is compiled. That creates a new file descriptor which is used to redirect stdout ("standard output") to the LCD screen, so that you can use printf to write to the screen.

A main menu application is built from VSIDE template and copied to the root of the flash and renamed to INIT.AP3. Then two more drivers are copied to the SYS folder to use the touch screen and implement Standard Buttons (stdbuttons) using the touchscreen.

This is a fairly long video and it contains some explanations of VSOS internals also. Don't get too worried about the details. We are always available to answer your questions at
vlsi002_thumb.16.jpg (75.28 KiB) Viewed 11606 times
Download Video: VLSI #002 Compiling VSOS display drivers for the VS1005 Developer Board
or Watch in YouTube

VLSI #003 Get a List of Drives and List of Files in VSOS

Posted: Fri 2014-06-13 6:18
by Panu
In this demonstration I write a small VSOS application that lists all the drives (devices with FAT filesystem) under the VSOS 3.09 and then lists the files in the root directory of each device.

This example uses the extended file searching information in VSOS 3.09 so it will not run correctly under VSOS 3.07 or older kernels. It will run in VSOS 3.09, 3.10, 3.11 and later VSOS3 kernels.
vlsi003_thumb.15.jpg (73.1 KiB) Viewed 11606 times
Download Video: VLSI #003 Get a List of Drives and List of Files in VSOS in VS1005 Developer Board
or Watch in YouTube

VLSI #004 First Sounds out of VSOS3/VS1005 Developer Board

Posted: Sat 2014-06-14 10:43
by Panu
In this very simple demonstration I have a VS1005G Developer Board with the VSOS 3.10 kernel and drivers written to the flash. Within the drivers, one of our original VSOS3 example libraries, the PLAYFILE.DL3 library can be found. In the video I upload a small wav file to the flash and configure the operating system to play the wave file using the playfile.dl3 library.

In the second part, I find a DEVHELLO.DL3 driver from the SYS folder. This example driver is a virtual device driver which creates a device which, whatever is opened from the device, always returns a small MP3 file (the mp3_hello already familiar to many from the VSDSP forum's Audible Hello example). The OS is then configured to use PlayFile to play that "Hello" also.

The idea of the DevHello is that it's a starting point for writing custom streaming device drivers. If you get the MP3 data from SPI, UART, a microcontroller or some other place, you could modify the devHello driver to return your data instead of the mp3_hello array. And the playfile library is an example of how to initialize and call codecs of different formats automatically. Both these topics will be explored in more detail in future videos.

One more thing. Note that the CONFIG.TXT file is meant for listing which drivers to load at startup. So everything that you load from config.txt remains in memory and keeps using the memory. Use the config.txt only for testing purposes. Hmmh, maybe I could write a "run" library to run programs from the config.txt and then drop them from memory after running... I think I'll do that soon.
vlsi004_thumb.14.jpg (83.28 KiB) Viewed 11591 times
Download Video: VLSI #004 First Sounds out of VSOS3/VS1005 Developer Board
or Watch in YouTube


Re: VSOS/VS1005 Educational Videos - Download here!

Posted: Sat 2019-01-05 16:02
by Panu

These videos are getting old. I should make new ones...

The most important change, I think, is that since we got the command line shell working properly with the VS1005, the Developer Board is mainly used with the UART command shell, instead of the LCD display. The command shell works a little like the lines in config.txt - just connect the developer board to your PC with the USB UART cable, and give it commands like it was a computer...


For more information, please see VSOS UART Shell.