SPI initialisation for VS1005 as slave to receive datas

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Re: SPI initialisation for VS1005 as slave to receive datas

Post by Lasse » Fri 2015-01-30 15:45

So, as per request, here's the UART controlled VSOS audio player example. I haven't tested it for a while but it used to work so I assume it still does, at least to some degree. ;)

The attached VSIDE project DevUart builds a VSOS library which simply provides UART communication through a FILE interface.

UartMp3 is a VSIDE project for a VSOS app which loads the mp3 model and a playlist, associates them with each other and starts waiting for commands via UART. The commands are basically UIMSG messages that are represented in an ASCII format. When a message is received, it is decoded and sent to the mp3 model. Likewise, when the model sends us a message, it is encoded to ASCII and forwarded to the UART file. (You can get an idea of the ASCII message format by looking at the first function at "vc.c".)

Finally, UartMp3PC is a Visual Studio project which builds a small Windows executable which lets you test basic music playback functionality. Of course, the operation relies upon a working UART connection between the PC and the VS1005 developer board.
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