How to properly retrieve an MP3 file's metadata

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How to properly retrieve an MP3 file's metadata

Post by treverwagenhals » Thu 2018-06-07 18:21

Good day,

I am trying to get the metadata from a file as a variable and use it in varying ways.

I see that there is a metadata driver already designed and I have called it to get whatever metadata is available to print out using:


I see that ENTRY_2 simply prints the metadata, and that ENTRY_1 is supposed to return the metadata to the calling program. I am unsure how to correctly use this to get the metadata back to my driver though.

I also see that in section 6, page 13 of the programmer's guide, it mentions UI messages, which has definitions for a lot of the metadata. Is there any way for me to reference this?

A small example of either to get the metadata back to me in a usable way would be greatly appreciated.

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