Audio Selector and Loopback Program

Discussion about writing software for VS1005 and the VSOS Operating System. Also posts about VS1005-related hardware design and device drivers should be posted here.
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Audio Selector and Loopback Program

Post by Henrik » Tue 2018-11-06 13:56


Attached to this message is a simple audio input selector and loopback program for VS1005 / VSOS. It lets the user select from several stereo / mono inputs, and outputs to stdaudioout. Also a volume control is included. By using the configuration provided in the README.TXT file also a simultaneous S/PDIF output without volume control is demonstrated.

I hope this little example is useful to people who want to build a VS1005 system that uses several of its audio inputs.

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- Henrik
Audio input selector and loopback program
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