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Mass Storage not seen if QNAP Qfinder Pro installed

Posted: Mon 2019-07-01 18:45
by DavidMc

Problem: installing QNAP Qfinder Pro prevents VS1005's external mass storage mode from appearing in Windows 7/10

Our customer has been advised to contact QNAP. But I thought it would be good to look at both ends of the USB cable, so-to-speak - the error message seems very low in the USB stack (see below).

We have one customer who is using one of our products in which VS1005 can be booted in to mass storage mode - the end-user's external SD card is then visible in Windows. (My understanding is this is the equivalent of setting S1 and S2 to high.)

When the following application is installed: ... 7.0613.exe
Windows 7 (and 10) fails to show the SD card. Rather, Device Manager shows the error "A request for the USB device descriptor failed." Code 43.
Uninstalling the app restores mass storage function for our product.

Have you seen anything like this before? We have not.

Thanks for your time!

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