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VS1005 Training Material

Posted: Mon 2019-09-09 0:15
by Henrik

Attached to this message is VS1005-based training material for the course held at VLSI in 9/2017. It's been a while, but this is re-released in the hopes that it might prove useful to somebody.

The contents are as follows:
  • VS1005 Hi-Res Recorder
  • VSOS Overview
  • VSOS Shell and Some New Commands
  • VSOS Audio Drivers
  • How to Get Pre-Programmed VS1005s
  • Best Practices for designing VS1005 PCBs
Kind regards,
- Henrik

Re: VS1005 Training Material for 2019

Posted: Mon 2019-09-09 0:28
by Henrik

Attached to this message is the all-new VS1005 training material for VLSI Solution's training course of 9/2019.

The contents for this year reads as follows:
  • VS1005 VSOS Shell and New Apps/Drivers
  • VS1005 Hi-Res Recorder Update
  • VS1005 VSOS Overview Reprise
  • VS1005 / VSOS Universal Binaries
  • Updating a VS1005 System
  • How to Get Pre-Programmed VS1005s Reprise
  • VS1010 Voice Recorder
Ok, there is some VS1010 here, too, but the material is mainly for VS1005.

I hope this proves helpful!

Kind regards,
- Henrik