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Flash from SD Card

Posted: Thu 2020-04-02 11:37
by FelixKunzJr
I'm using a vlsi vs1005 for my Audioplayer. The functionality is straight forward. A Microprocessor is connected with 8 Buttons, and when one is pressed it will send an UART signal to the vs1005. Something like "PlayFile 1" and it will play the file which is called 1.wav.

I wan't to flash the vs1005 via SD card. I haven't found much about how to do it. I've tried to build the VSOS kernel to the SD card, but the development board still flashes from internal storage.

How do i flash from SD card?

Kind regards,

Re: Flash from SD Card

Posted: Mon 2020-04-06 13:30
by Henrik
Hello Felix!

I am a little confused about what you exactly want to achieve, so I need to first ask some questions. Otherwise I'm afraid any advice we give may not be useful.

What is the actual end product you wish to have? What do you exactly mean by "I've tried to build the VSOS kernel to the SD card, but the development board still flashes from internal storage."

Kind regards,
- Henrik

Re: Flash from SD Card

Posted: Mon 2020-04-06 14:13
by FelixKunzJr
I got many things working now. I've edited the config.txt, so the VS1005 will mount the SD at start, and start the shell (similar to what is default when Button S2 is pressed during Boot). Then i've programmed an Atmega16 MCU in a way, that it will send commands like "PlayFile xxx" to the VS1005.

All works now.

But my new question is: how can i edit the config.txt without connecting the VS1005 via usb to the computer? And how can i install drivers on a blank chip, without connecting it via USB? Ideally i can have both, the Drivers and the config.txt on the SD card.

I've found this ( ... +sd#p11905), and tried to install the files, but i couldn't get it up and running.

I've built the solution, with success, then started the debugger, which seemed just fine, but when i tried to use the Prommer utility, i selected Internal flash, then selected the "VSOS_Kernel.coff" and tried to start. But i always get an error like: "The command to produce an image from the coff is not defined. Please edit (Home Path)/bin/prommer.index

1. is this solution which i persued the right one?$
if yes:
2. how do i flash the solution (how to get rid of this errror)

3. is there another (easier) way to edit the config.txt? (ideally i can program the kernel in a way so it mounts the SD on startup)

In the end i want the VS1005 to start, mount the SD card, and wait to receive a command over UART.
I don't want to use USB to flash and ideally i want to use the internal flash, and get rid of an external SPI flash.

Kind Regards,