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customized driver file

Posted: Thu 2020-12-24 13:23
by vinayslone
hello vlsi team,

i have created my own customized application, and flashed the driver file into sys folder.
In my application there are keys which are responsible for playing audio file, on successful key press.

1.) I have embeded the playfile driver solution in a normal c file, and called the function in my main function to play audio.

Now, when i run my application manually from shell (serial_monitor) it works well,
2.) But if try to run the application automatically by saving its name in config.txt file. Its not working !
Showing error ""Couldn't open file abc.mp3" .

3.) Please put some light on this !

4.) And how to get your customized driver running continuously, and b/w that i want to give command in serial monitor ?

Thankyou !