Nice color palettes for VS23S010 TV-Out

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Re: Nice color palettes for VS23S010 TV-Out

Post by JimDrew » Thu 2017-06-29 20:35

Hello Panu!

I can confirm that the new version corrects the palette editor's generation of data! This is a great program, making it really easy to pick YUV colors to match RGB requirements.

Thanks again for your hard work on this!

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Re: Nice color palettes for VS23S010 TV-Out

Post by wfriedrich » Fri 2018-03-02 3:46

Hello Panu,
Finally I got to use the Palette Editor as well. Really enjoying it, this makes life between RGB and YUV so much easier.
One thing I noticed, the RGB value display under the Microcode input shows the R,G and B twice but in different order. The 24bit value is formatted as BBGGRR, the separate value are in the order R,G, B.
Is there a special reason for the different orders or is it just a mixup?
I was confused in the beginning, but now I know how to pick the values for my conversion table.
- Wolfgang.

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Re: Nice color palettes for VS23S010 TV-Out

Post by Panu » Sat 2018-03-03 0:21

Hi, great that it works!

Hmm, not sure but it might be that my software internally uses r,g,b, and the 24-bit value is whatever comes from Windows when my OnMouseMove handler queries the color of the screen pixel under the mouse position.

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