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Applications for direct DAC mode

Posted: Sun 2017-07-02 9:05
by jamestn529
What are some applications for the direct DAC mode of the VS23? Some that I can think of are:
  • Using the DAC by itself. Set the clock divider to its lowest value and the buffer length to 1; write to the start pointer position
  • Arbitrary waveform generation. At lower divider rates, the 10 vclk gap at the end of a "line" shouldn't be significant
  • Audio playback. Instead of looping a single wave, set the start pointer to successive segments of a longer waveform. There doesn't seem to be a way to determine the position within the buffer so knowing when to move the start pointer again requires keeping track of time another way.

Re: Applications for direct DAC mode

Posted: Wed 2017-07-05 8:55
by IsoPasi
Direct DAC mode of VS23 is a basic 8-bit DAC mode. The idea was to bypass the video modulation logic and give a possibility use the existing hardware as a simple current-mode DAC for some application.

All the applications you have suggested are possible. For the 3rd application it is just like you wrote, you have to keep track of the time on the controlling device.

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