VS23 as main memory of a MCU.

Designing hardware and software that uses the VS23S0X0 family of ICs as a 8-bit or SPI SRAM memory or as a Video Controller for generating Composite Video (TV-Out) or driving other kinds of displays.
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VS23 as main memory of a MCU.

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Hello. I'm looking for information about a DIY computer.

I've read about VS23 chip series and the information provided about them. Also, I've found projects (like @wfriedrich one) using them.

As they are static rams, they have the benefit of not having to being refreshed to maintain it contents. That's why I though they could be useful as the main memory of a retro style 8 bit computer, and also its video output.

The 65xx family of MPUs is the logic choice because there is a lot of people working on them, but I'm not that convinced that a with the clock speeds of that chips, my projected computer could use the VS23 series. Not at least to keep up with video generation fast enough.

Or they are?

Thanks for reading.
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Re: VS23 as main memory of a MCU.

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The video generation is independent, so the CPU (and interface) speed doesn't matter unless you need constant updating such as animation.
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