ntsc10b - Controlling VS23S010 with VS1010B

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ntsc10b - Controlling VS23S010 with VS1010B

Post by Kalle » Fri 2017-09-08 13:49

The ntsc10b is a VS1010B specific program, which can be used to control a VS23S010 through SPI. With it, the VS23 can generate the pictured test image. The program is originally based on a VS1005 program ntsctest, which has been cut down to only include code that is essential for the test image creation.
The Arduino and MSP430 versions are modifications of this program. The source codes aren't significantly different, with the exception of the SPI operations.
The program requires an NTSC compatible crystal (3.579545 MHz) on the board.

IMG_20170908_131846.jpg (2.05 MiB) Viewed 39 times

Instructions for executing programs on the VS1010 Dev Board can be found in the Quick Start Guide.

The VSIDE solution and the ntsc10b.dlx are available for download below. If you need for the source code, you can download only the .dlx.
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ntsc10b VSIDE solution and .dlx
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