VS1010B ROM VSOS Kernel Source Codes

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VS1010B ROM VSOS Kernel Source Codes

Post by Panu » Tue 2017-06-06 17:56

Dear VS1010 users,

The VS1010B ROM contains a version of the VSOS Operating System, which you cannot modify or recompile. But it is useful to know how certain functions are implemented and what they are doing, so that you can hunt for bugs and see how everything is supposed to work.

Here is a copy of the VSOS kernel sources, as they are in the VS1010B1 ROM. You won't be able to compile these, because non-VSOS stuff such as factory test and audio decoder code is missing, but when you're wondering what on earth happens when the chip boots or you call fopen(), this is the place to look.

The set of source code files is neatly packaged as a VSIDE solution so that you can use VSIDE to explore the files.

Happy hunting!

VSOS Kernel source code, VS1010B1 version.
(89.57 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
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