VS1010B Tips, pitfalls and notes

Designing hardware and software for systems that use the VS1010 MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller.
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VS1010B Tips, pitfalls and notes

Post by Panu » Fri 2017-06-09 7:07

Dear VS1010 users,

I will write here any small notes and observations that I come up with when writing code or designing systems for the VS1010. When more of these remarks start accumulating, this topic will be reorganized into categories.

Pitfall: ZeroPtrCall: 0xa96c, the SerialPokeHandleChar death trap
This error occurs when random SPI or UART data is parsed by the loader interrupt. The serial protocol allows uploading code and data by simple command sequences. The usual occurrence happens with SPI0: VS1010B ROM enables SPI0 interrupt that scans SPI data for any potential loader commands. The consequence is that reading any SPI data, even in master mode, without first disabling the SPI interrupt will cause the data to be interpreted as loader commands, with unexpected results.
Solution: disable SPI interrupt with PERIP(INT_ENABLE0_LP) &= ~INTF_SPI0;
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