Android USB Audio with VS1010C

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Android USB Audio with VS1010C

Post by Panu » Fri 2018-06-29 12:52

Hi all!

I've been working to get USB Audio working with the Android platform, e.g. any cell phones and android tablets that I have access to. The Android seems to be a little bit demanding as far as USB audio is concerned. I've been reading through the source codes of Android, Android USB, Android USB audio and the TinyAlsa used in Android to get to the bottom of what makes it tick or not tick. And then I have been simplifying, modifying and optimizing my USB audio code to make it work with all the Android versions and devices that I happen to get my hands on.

So here's something for you to try. It's Android Audio solution for the VS1010C Developer Board. Simply plug your developer board to your Android tablet or phone, with any MicroOTG cable you have lying around and give it a shot. I'm hoping that it works file. And I'd be happy to hear about your experiences with different setups.

Installation: Put patch V15 (boot.dlx) to the developer board SD card (maybe the patch is needed, maybe not). And then AndroidAudio.dlx to the SYS folder of the SD card. And then make a config.txt to the root of the sd card with the single line:


Then reset your developer board. It should work fine with your Android tablet.

Good luck!
Android USB Audio test code for the VS1010C. VSIDE solution with source code. ZIP file includeds AndroidAudio.dlx, a VS1010 VSOS executable binary.
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