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VS1010 USB Flash Support

Posted: Thu 2018-09-06 15:44
by Panu
Dear Forum Members,

Here is an experimental driver that supports reading (playing music) from USB flash memories connected to VS1010c.

The driver is in two parts. The main part, USBHRD.DLX is the USB Host Read Only Driver. That occupies only 356 words of instruction memory and provides only the functions to do block reads from the USB flash. It calls another program, USBPROBE.DLX, which is slightly larger, to probe the USB bus, enumerate the connected USB flash and build a device driver as disk U: in VSOS.

The driver is completely rewritten from scratch, and at time of writing this, only a couple of different USB flash sticks are tested. More will follow. Many flashes require some kind of hand-holding, so there's going to be updates that add support for more USB flash sticks, but for now, please test and report your findings.

The driver is invoked by command USBHRD which must only be given once, and a flash stick MUST be connected to the USB host port (developer boards need DP/DN adapter from VLSI). The USB flash memory will become drive U: and can be used normally with VSOS (only not written to).


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