VS1010 Mini-demoboard

Designing hardware and software for systems that use the VS1010 MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller.
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VS1010 Mini-demoboard

Post by AudioJack » Thu 2020-07-09 18:33


I've just received my mini-demo board and VS1010 handbook. I am an analogue hardware engineer so apologies in advance if some of these questions are a bit 'dumb'.

The hand book shows examples of getting code onto the SD card.

If I list devices from the terminal I see
D: SD/SD card
I: Stream
S: SD/SD card

I would have though I can use the SPI Flash to store and load my code? Is this not correct? If it is possible how do I load code to this and set it up as the target for VSIDE?

Also where does R: physically Iive? Is this internal flash? and can this be used instead of the external flash?

Also the book doesn't really cover the I2S setup in any real detail. Are there any example in how to set this up?

Finally do you have any code to implement I2C to configure and external DAC?


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Re: VS1010 Mini-demoboard

Post by Hannu » Wed 2020-07-15 17:23

It is correct that you can load your code to SPI flash.

I would suggest that you develop your code on SD card as it is way more easier to unbrick by putting it to computer and formatting.

The trickery which is needed to access the SPI flash is reboot 4 (see the book pg. 178 and few pages back and forth) which puts SPI flash as USB mass storage and then VSIDE can put your programs to SYS directory. If SPI flash has that SYS directory, it will become S: device. You may need to format the SPI flash on first time.

The R: device is in ROM. and it is really read only.

I2S... By default VS1010 outputs everything it outputs from DAC to I2S as 96 kHz sample rate (can't remember exactly)32 bit There are pads on the bottom side of minidemo board.

In rom code http://www.vsdsp-forum.com/phpbb/viewto ... 171#p11449 you can find very simple I2C implementation for I2C eeprom boot. (i2cp .c and .h) With minidemoboard you have little bit limited pins available to work with. In ROM code main.c and voaudio.c sets I2S

But basically from I2S_CF register clear I2S_CF_ENA configure the perip and set I2S_CF_ENA bit high. What kind of mode you want?

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