VS1010D Developer Board (Changing Default settings)

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VS1010D Developer Board (Changing Default settings)

Post by vinayslone » Thu 2020-11-19 8:43


A.) During boot-up of developer board, it start invoking at Runlevel 15 and starts looking for SD card. I don't want the board to invoke automatically the Runlevel 15 or anything else. I want to change the default settings, please share any sample to change it.

I tried out the Buttons B0, B1, B2, and B3 for playing separate audio files for each button.
I tried the sample program, given in Vs1010d textbook.

B.) But I faced some issue :-
1.) After pressing the button B0(suppose), the audio file plays but if I press another button B1(suppose) nothing happens. It should stop the audio played from button B0 and start playing the audio from button B1. But nothing happens as if no input is given .
2.) Until the audio played from a button B0(suppose) stops playing i cant play audio from another button B1(suppose).
3.) when this particular dlx file is invoked, without doing any operation at starting it plays one file automatically.

Please put some light on above problem I faced.

Thankyou !

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Re: VS1010D Developer Board (Changing Default settings)

Post by Panu » Thu 2020-11-19 9:54


Great to hear that you are making progress!

I think you have a good start, but you need to further develop your understanding on how the music playing works in VS1010. In the book, please read the whole chapter about playing music, pages 115 to 146 at least two times. It's all explained there much better than what I can explain here.

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