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Re: Simple VS1010 application

Posted: Thu 2021-01-28 8:53
by Hannu

Your crystal doesn't have any parameter which would suggest it is incompatible. We have used many crystals from HC49 to smaller SMD ones and so far all have worked just fine.

The ROM on VS1010 is a really a ROM. Not any kind of flash. So you really need SPI flash if the SD card is going to be changed.

Re: Simple VS1010 application

Posted: Thu 2021-04-01 12:01
by Daniel.mp3

So I'm getting my circuit board to run. I get access over USB to my SD card. Now I want to format the SPI flash. I reboot the processor in bootmode 4 and get the "F"-drive on my pc. Now when I format it in FAT a error says that the formating can't be finished. Any ideas why? The datasheet of the flash is attached.

Best wishes!

Re: Simple VS1010 application

Posted: Tue 2021-04-06 11:06
by Hannu
With a quick look it should work. Does VS1010 detect it? It should print something like my example below during boot

Code: Select all

C#0d1d at runlevel 4
VS1010D VSOS 4.20
Files:6. Buffers:3.
Runlevel 4
SPIF:c217, 16384K <-------- flash REMS and size
If the flash is detected like it should, my next suspect would be WP# pin and it being low. If you have connected wp# to XWP the boot could do just that. If the flash isn't detected, you get VS1010 ramdisk but it would have filesystem.