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VS1010 LQFP board bring up issue

Posted: Sat 2021-01-09 0:27
by AudioJack

I have build a board that uses the QFP version of VS1010. The VS1010 part of this board is based on the 'vs1010_LQFP_simple_board_v10' schematic that you kindly provided.

The only element of the design that I have not populated (although I have the foot print in place) is the SPI flash.

As I understand the this should not be need to bring the part up as the device should be play from SD card using internal ROM.

At the moment I am only able to get the follow:

The supplies seem to be up and at the correct voltages.
The IOVDD led illuminates
LED1 illuminates briefly ~0.5 secs and audio is played for that duration after which the audio stop and is not restarted by pressing reset.
If I probe the XTAL pins I can see that this starts up and runs and is at the correct frequency.
I have tried different SD cards and also these work in the mini-demo board I have.
I do not seem to be able to establish UART comms but can successfully do so on the mini-demo board.

I wonder if you may have seen anything like this? or have any pointers?

Re: VS1010 LQFP board bring up issue

Posted: Mon 2021-01-11 9:20
by Hannu
You don't need SPI flash unless you have own code which has to be independent of SD card. And minidemoboard works also just fine without SPI flash too.

Small checklist:
  • You are using correct port on comptuer
  • 115200 8N1 CR/LF may need some tweaking to get nice output
  • Black - GND, Yellow or white - TX0, Green - RX0, Red - VHIGH
The console is in UART0 and there should be a quite much text there when audio starts to play.
LED1 sees the declick feature of VS1010.

For the silence I would suggest checking GPIO1_12 (next) and GPIO1_13 (pause). XWP0 and XHLD0 are their SPI peripheral signals.
Those are also boot mode signals so if those are in unexpected state, you'll end up easily non-player mode when reseting the chip.

Re: VS1010 LQFP board bring up issue

Posted: Fri 2021-01-15 14:38
by AudioJack

Thanks for the reply. Regarding GPIO1_12 (next) and GPIO1_13 (pause), these are as per the schematic you provided, so 100K pull ups to IOVDD and 10k pulldown via toggle switches.

IOVDD is sitting at about 3.1V but GPIO1_12 (next) and GPIO1_13 (pause) are at ~ 2.8V. Is there some internal current draw from the VS1010 or is this a clue to my issue?

Also, I note the component values around the XTAL have changed a few times, is there any sensitivity around here that I should be aware of or consider?

Re: VS1010 LQFP board bring up issue

Posted: Fri 2021-01-15 15:56
by Hannu
The capacitor values of the crystal have been lowered as modern crystals usually like smaller caps. Some crystals even seem to work on my desk in room temperature during office hours without any capacitors. The oscillator load resistor has been lowered from 1M to 470k because some 1M resistors had quality issues.

So no dramatical changes around XTALI and XTALO.

Can you measure how much the VS1010 is using current? Is anything too warm?
Usually IOVDD is really close 3.3V and everywhere on the board. That's my experience anyway and I think it is worth to check that there are no nasty current leaks.

Re: VS1010 LQFP board bring up issue

Posted: Sat 2021-01-16 15:31
by AudioJack

I found the problem. A mistake on my part! I missed the need to ground the TEST pin. On most of the ASIC's I've been involved in designing, whilst we recommend TEST is grounded it doesn't need to to be. In the case of VS1010 it really does need to to be grounded.

Thanks for the support.