VSIDE confusion

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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VSIDE confusion

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Hello all. I am trying to program the VS1000 module, (VS1000b chip) using the VSIDE via serial.
When I have built or rebuilt the solution and want to send it to VS1000 (ctrl shift w) I select the default prommer (SPI Flasher 24bit). Then there is the possibility to browse for some files. I was making somewhat drastic changes in gpioctrl.c and using the spi player. To get things working I have to select the SPIPlayer.coff (inside Emulation-Debug folder) to flash into the VS1000.

Now I want to use the SDPlayer with my version of the gpioctrl.c so plugging in a microSD card I get the first file on it playing in a loop, but if I select the SDPlayer.coff and flash the module wit it, the module does nothing.

I am confused about the files in Emulation-Debug folder, when to use what. Can someone tell me what each of those files are for?

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Re: VSIDE confusion

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Have you taken a look at: http://www.vsdsp-forum.com/phpbb/viewto ... ?f=8&t=461 ?

The VS1000 Audio Module solution consists of 4 separate programs (4 projects). Those are usb mass storage for SPI FLASH, player for SPI FLASH, player for uSD and USB mass storage for uSD. Each program is compiled separately and a boot image is created for each, then the boot images are combined to produce spiall.spi (and eeprom.img). When you program this image, the 4 programs can load each other successfully.

The resulting image should be prommed with the "already existing boot image" version of the SPI prommer. If you use the default prommer and choose an executable, it will overwrite eeprom.img with a boot image of a single program.

The SDPlayer project is a standalone program (single project), only one boot image is created. It should work with the normal prommer.

Changing the C compiler to "vcc" from the project settings could help.
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