Making the VS1000 bootloader file for SPI flash

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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Making the VS1000 bootloader file for SPI flash

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I am using VS1000 from
Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 2MB Flash to develop the firmware reference to VS1000 Audio Module - VSIDE (VS1000AudioModule-072b-VSIDE). I can promming based on the solution from VS1000 audio module without problem. Now I want to promming back the original firmware back to the board, I only got the BIN firmware from here (2M110514.BIN), how to promming back the firmware from BIN file using VSIDE?

Other questions are related to making image file from VSIDE:
1. What are the different between "coff2allboot" and "coff2boot" executable file?
2. It seems VSIDE builded the COFF file out, is it the same as xxxx.spi file?
3. I am trying to use "coff2allboot -x 0x50 -d $(BUILDPATH)\$(TARGET) eeprom.img" to create the SPI image file, I can promming it back to VS1000 without problem (from the log), but it seems the firmware is not running, any problem to create SPI image like this?

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Re: Making the VS1000 bootloader file for SPI flash

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1. coff2allboot is newer, and it supports more boot image formats (and also overlay linking for vs1000).
2. .coff is an object/executable format. You can convert it to SPI boot image using coff2allboot.
3. If the project is based on the VS1000 Audio Module, the solution consists of 4 separate programs. You create the boot image for each of them, then combine with combineimg. You then program the combined image into the SPI FLASH.

See ... ?f=8&t=461 for more information.

VSIDE should have a prommer for previously prepared image. Copy the image to eeprom.img and use that version of the prommer.

Alternatively, you can use pcflash.exe, see .
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