VS1000 debugging

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VS1000 debugging

Post by gcblair » Wed 2015-02-04 9:32


I was hoping to ask a few questions on VS1000 debugging capabilities

1. Can I add variables to the watch window? I can't seem to drag them and if I type the name of the variable, the program just closes.

2. I'm a bit confused about how to use breakpoints. It seems like I can only add them before the program runs. If I try to add them whilst the program is running it tells me, cannot add breakpoint here. Also nothing ever appears in active variables
Once I have breakpoints set and it hits one, I can then add more. However if I remove all of them and then try to add more later on, it tells me can't add breakpoints

3. Stopping the program running does now she the current instruction.


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Re: VS1000 debugging

Post by Panu » Thu 2015-02-05 11:48

You can use the debugger if you debug code that runs completely from the RAM (doesn't call ROM routines) and doesn't use interrupts. Doing anything else will quickly make the debugger lose contact with the board. You should be able to add variables and watches by hand and also use the CPU registers window and the command window. It wasn't crashing when I last used it - only it's not very useful except for debugging very basic code since you can't set breakpoints in ROM.
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