VS1000 Gapless Nand with VSIDE

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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VS1000 Gapless Nand with VSIDE

Post by maiconmuch » Fri 2015-07-03 21:01

Hi, I have already downloaded VS1000GaplessNand project and I tried to compile it with VSIDE. I got this error:

Build started. Project: Player, configuration: Emulation-Debug

lcc -g -hhw_desc -O6 -fsmall-code -DDEBUG -Iinclude -IC:\Program\ Files\ (x86)\VSIDE\libvs1000 -o Emulation-Debug\gaplessnand.o C:\Users\Maicon\Desktop\Audio\ LSPRO\Solução\ 1\VS1000GaplessNand-20140402\VS1000GaplessNand\Player\gaplessnand.c

C:\Users\Maicon\Desktop\Audio LSPRO\Solução 1\VS1000GaplessNand-20140402\VS1000GaplessNand\Player\gaplessnand.c (429) Warning 153: a type cast into a shorter type
C:\Users\Maicon\Desktop\Audio LSPRO\Solução 1\VS1000GaplessNand-20140402\VS1000GaplessNand\Player\gaplessnand.c (568) Warning 30: parameter 1 is pointer to a different object
optimizing (818): 551 536 535.535.530.530.530
Successfully compiled 6806 lines (619 in source) with 2 warnings.
C 530 CF 0 X 24 Y 0 F 0
vslink -k -m mem_user C:\Program\ Files\ (x86)\VSIDE/libvs1000/rom1000.o C:\Program\ Files\ (x86)\VSIDE/libvs1000/c-spi.o Emulation-Debug\gaplessnand.o -o Emulation-Debug\Player.coff -L. -Llib -LC:\Program\ Files\ (x86)\VSIDE\libvs1000 -lc -ldev1000

ERROR: vslink: Undefined symbol _PatchCodVorbisDecode in main
C:\Program Files (x86)\VSIDE\bin\make.exe: *** [Emulation-Debug/Player.coff] Error 10

Build failed!

In Main, this code use PatchCodVorbisDecode:

/*Start decoding without recreating the decoding tables from header.*/
/*available in latest dev1000.h */
PatchCodVorbisDecode(&codecVorbis, &cs, &eStr, 0);
/*TODO: call Decode() with silentchannelpatches */
CodVorbisDecode(&codecVorbis, &cs, &eStr);

Anyone can help me?

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Re: VS1000 Gapless Nand with VSIDE

Post by pasi » Mon 2015-07-06 14:33

It looks like PatchCodVorbisDecode is not found in libdev1000.a , but is found in dev1000.h . Your libdev1000.a and dev1000.h do not correspond each other, it seems there is problem with the VSIDE version.

Change the #ifdef to #if 0, so you can get the project to compile and link properly.
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