VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Post by CoffeeGrunt » Wed 2017-05-31 12:50

Hello all,

I've had a thorough search of previous posts and sadly haven't been able to get my VS1005 with Breakout Board to connect with VSIDE correctly. I'm using a PL-2303 USB to UART convertor to connector it to COM1 on my laptop, and have connected the wires as-per the below image.


LED1 is lit confirming that power is received, but VSIDE is unable to locate the hardware. When I attempt to Run the basic Solution in VSIDE, it holds for a few seconds before bringing up the Program Loading Failed dialog box. I have set the settings in this to:

- Com1, the appropriate port,
- Initial Speed: 9600
- Target Speed: 38400
- Clock Speed: 12.288MHz

Autodetect does not detect the connection, and nor does the program if I set it manually. I've read through the First Steps with VS1053 book for ideas, and also this forum, but nothing seems to assist with getting this circuit connected and working.

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Re: VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Post by pasi » Wed 2017-05-31 16:03


For vs1005 both UART speeds should be 115200bps. This should be the default in the solution settings when you create a vs1005 solution from a suitable vs1005 template.

9600bps is the default UART speed for the vs10xx slave decoder chips. With vs1063 your issue may be an existing firmware that takes over the UART. You can disable boot from SPI memory by pulling GPIO0 low during powerup/reset.
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Re: VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Post by Hannu » Thu 2017-06-01 7:55

Hello and welcome to the forum!

In your photo TX and RX are swapped, if you are using VSIDE cable. TX is inside and RX outside of the pin rings.

The getting started application note might help you also. It is written for devboard but should be adapted quite easily to BOB.
http://www.vlsi.fi/fileadmin/app_notes/ ... tarted.zip

Also note that there are two different templates for projects. One for VS1005 and another for VS1005 running VSOS. Which you choose, depends on your target application.

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Re: VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Post by CoffeeGrunt » Fri 2017-06-09 12:38

Thank you for the replies, I'm much more of an electronics person rather than computer and programming, so bear with me if I come across a bit slow. I tend to pick things up much quicker by doing things rather than reading, if you get what I mean.

I purchased the USB-UART cable available on your website, and on my Windows 7 laptop I am unable to find Drivers to get it connected in order to use it. It's visible in Device Manager, but the Search for Drivers function doesn't turn up any drivers to install. I also can't find any information on your website for what drivers it needs, and I even opened it up to try and identify the chipset, but that has had the identification scraped off it.

Could you recommend the correct drivers for the USB-UART cable? I'm hopeful that it will allow me to get connected and get started with learning this chip.

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Re: VS1005 Not Connecting to VSIDE

Post by Panu » Fri 2017-06-09 12:52


If it's a cable from VLSI, then these drivers should work: viewtopic.php?t=35
Please see also these videos: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1273#p5655. The first video discusses about connecting with the UART cable.

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