VSIDE with a high DPI monitor

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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VSIDE with a high DPI monitor

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I thought I'd share a small tip, just in case someone out there has wondered about the same thing I have recently.

Originally it seemed to me that VSIDE does not support high DPI scaling properly. Adjusting the UI scale in Windows to a higher setting than 100% caused fonts to render blurred, which is of course not nice. I'm not sure how common this issue is, but since it happened to me, it can probably happen to others as well. (I assumed the reason for this is some limitation of the QT framework version that VSIDE was built upon.)

If this happens to you, there's something you can try. At least if you are running Windows 10. Right-click VSIDE.EXE on Windows Explorer, select Properties from the menu and click "Compatibility" tab in the properties dialog. There is a setting called "Override high DPI scaling behavior". Enabling this fixed the font rendering for me. The best visual quality was obtained by selecting "Application" from the drop down list below.
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