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VSIDE confusion

Posted: Mon 2020-05-04 13:53
by gsmari
Hello all. I am trying to program the VS1000 module, (VS1000b chip) using the VSIDE via serial.
When I have built or rebuilt the solution and want to send it to VS1000 (ctrl shift w) I select the default prommer (SPI Flasher 24bit). Then there is the possibility to browse for some files. I was making somewhat drastic changes in gpioctrl.c and using the spi player. To get things working I have to select the SPIPlayer.coff (inside Emulation-Debug folder) to flash into the VS1000.

Now I want to use the SDPlayer with my version of the gpioctrl.c so plugging in a microSD card I get the first file on it playing in a loop, but if I select the SDPlayer.coff and flash the module wit it, the module does nothing.

I am confused about the files in Emulation-Debug folder, when to use what. Can someone tell me what each of those files are for?