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Support telephone number is +358 50 462 3203

Posted: Mon 2011-06-20 14:45
by Panu

If your question is unanswered and nothing seems to be happening, please give us a quick phone call! Sometimes there are so many projects that it takes days or sometimes even more days between checking the forum... So just let us know that there's something that needs our attention!

My VLSI telephone number is +358 50 462 3203. I'm often present during weekdays, European time. Monday and Thursday are your best bets (less meetings) :)


Re: Support telephone number is +358 50 462 3203

Posted: Wed 2015-02-04 21:49
by spikey1
I see your phone number was not working, what about a support contact email address?

I am a new user, I registered this morning and got an email from admin to acknowledge it.
I posted a new thread to the Microcontrollers Section and all appeared to work but I dont see it on the forum.
I know it has to be verified by moderators etc but how long does that take.

I tried to reply to the admin email but it "bounced" back to say an invalid email address.

I have searched this forum all day for a possible email contact point but do not find any.

I hadn't tried to phone because of call costs from UK would be very high.

I don't know if something has gone wrong and my post on the forum was not actually posted or if it is still being verified.
Would be grateful for any help
my username is spikey1

Re: Support telephone number is +358 50 462 3203

Posted: Thu 2015-02-05 6:49
by Panu
Dear Spikey,

Welcome to the forum! The forum is the best way to contact us, we answer most questions within a day or two and in average even faster. New posts are accepted within a few days. If you're really in a hurry, telephone us. In case of no answer from the support telephone number and you're not routed automatically (our telephone service provider is changing so I'm not sure if everything works automatically), call VLSI Office at +358 50 462 3200. Someone will find someone of us to take a look at your forum question.

Email to is the last resort. It's working but there's so much spam traffic to that address and we have such heavy filters in that address that it's impossible to know if your email goes through or not. Additionally, that email address has so much traffic that there's a long waiting time for an answer, something like 1-2 weeks. The average forum question reply time has been just a few hours to a day.

Doing our best to help you with the resources we have, we're glad to have you here! We are the people who design these chips and write their software and we want everybody to be able to use them as easily as possible.