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Welcome to VSDSP Forum!

Posted: Wed 2010-07-14 10:58
by Panu
Greetings from VLSI Solution!

We, the support engineers at VLSI Solution, have created this forum as a place to share questions and experiences, and to get free technical support from VLSI's Support Team. Our logs show that so far we have helped our customers by sending out 10332 technical support e-mail answers from our current e-mail support system. A lot of these answers would have been helpful also to other users, maybe even to you!

We are hoping that in the years to come, more and more people will ask their questions and find their answers here at And we are hoping that our able and enthusiastic users will in return help others by sharing their know-how. Together we can learn from each other!

Welcome to VSDSP Forum, a place to share your VSDSP questions and answers!

Chief Application Engineer,
Audio Solution Support Team,
VLSI Solution Oy

Fighting spam

Posted: Fri 2011-01-21 17:29
by Panu

There's been a lot of spam recently in the forum and we've done our best to clean it up. It keeps coming, however, and now we are trying to fight the spam by requiring the first post from new members to be approved by a moderator. We're quite sad, really, to be forced to do this and we hope that this doesn't cause inconvenience to you.

After your first post is accepted, you can continue to post freely without the need to have your posts reviewed.

There's one sad side-effect, however. Within hours of starting to require moderation of first messages from new users, the bots have started sending "empty" messages with zero information; often with a single line such as "Hey, that's cool, guys!". Approving this kind of e-mail would give the spambot unlimited access to the site, so we have no option but to coldly delete this kind of posts and ban the user. It would break my heart to learn that this would happen to a real human user. But if it does happen to you, e-mail us, phone us or register with a new name and post a new message for moderation and we'll unlock the account right away!

Hoping to win the spam war,

Re: Welcome to VSDSP Forum!

Posted: Sat 2016-09-03 17:11
by Panu
Dear VSDSP Forum Members!

Greetings to you all!
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After 6 years of operation at, we are proud to see almost ten thousand messages! We are proud, happy and rejoicing at the success of our customer support forum!

At VSDSP Forum, you get world class support. Real Chip Designers, Software Developers, Operating System Kernel Gurus and VLSI Field Application Engineers give You real support how you get Your problems solved. We are happy to assist you!

Thank You for choosing VLSI!