Promming SST 25VF016B spi flash with VSIDE

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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Promming SST 25VF016B spi flash with VSIDE

Post by Panu » Sat 2011-12-31 12:40


I designed an SST 25VF016B SPI Flash into our new VS1053/VS1063 developer board, but noticed that the Prommer/Flasher utility (uniprom) in VSIDE doesn't program that correctly. So I modified uniprom a little to make it work (the 25VF016 command set did not allow more than 1 byte per the normal program command (02h)).

I hope that Lasse will pick this up and put it into the next VSIDE release (after rigorous testing of course) but in the mean time I put the revised prommer online here in case someone else runs into the same problem with uniprom. To use it, you can replace the uniprom.coff in \vside\bin folder and run the prommer/flasher utility.

Attached also is the source code.

Please reply about your success/failure!
Uniprom 1.2 for VSIDE (source code)
(39.28 KiB) Downloaded 433 times
Uniprom v1.2 (VS1053) Put this into the vside\bin folder.
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